Monday is my day off.  Now to be clear I do not work 6 days a week, typically I have Tuesday off as well but that can change; people call out sick, need Tuesday off instead of a different day and so it goes . But Monday the restaurant is closed so I know I won’t get called in.  So Monday is my safe day off, the day I get things done….laundry, house cleaning, and I make a nice dinner for my husband.

Now don’t mistake a nice dinner for fancy or labor intensive one.  I work hard I get home late, I’m tired and its been mentioned that I am sometimes grumpy.  So on Monday I try to make up for a weeks worth of that and put on a cute outfit and make something good to eat.

Tonight I am making shrimp and arugula salad.  The inspiration comes from the completely practical desire  to clean out the fridge and not turn on the stove. So here it goes:

I found some Gypsy peppers and heirloom tomatoes that came in my CSA box.

We have some arugula from dinner that we made last night.

Lots of eggs that came from the CSA box as well.

I think there is a random piece of cucumber in the fridge (I cannot remember when I bought it, but it looks good!).

Then from the store I picked up:

Some wild bay shrimp  and green beans.


I’m going to blanch the green beans, hard-cook some eggs ( I said I did not want to turn on a burner, but I could not resist the green bean, and we need to start eating the eggs before our next CSA delivery comes and we get “lapped”)

Then everything gets tossed together with vinaigrette.

Dinner is done.

I would include a photo of the finished salad but that requires having a camera with a charged battery….im still figuring this blog thing out so bear with me!


I’m not sure exactly what this blog is going to be about but here it goes. The plan so far is to write about what I know, which is food. I’m a chef at a restaurant in the City but for this to be fun for me this blog won’t be about where I work. instead about what I cook at home and whatever random food thoughts i might be having. Clearly the blog can only get better from here!

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